Itinerant Band
The Itinerant Band

   itinerant [ i tin' er ant] adj. journeying; travelling from place to place: not fixed or stationary.
   band [band] n. a group of musicians playing together, esp.upon wind and percussion instruments

Our new CD, Lynnhaven Bay is here! We're still updating website details, but the CD may be ordered through our mail order form, by contacting us numbers below, or by email at

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The Band (and its members):
The Itinerant Band is made up of five musicians from the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia. They come from diverse musical backgrounds and have a shared passion for history that has led them to specialize in the music of early America. They perform tunes and songs from the Irish, Scottish, English and French traditions that would have been heard in 17th and 18th century America. In the spirit of the itinerant colonial musicians whose style they emulate, you may find as few as two or as many as five of them at any given time and place performing everything from airs to sea shanties to dance tunes. When all together the group consists of Paul Brockman on fiddle & vocals, Bob Clark on hammered dulcimer, Rose Ann Arnaud on cello, Susan Lawlor on flute, whistle, & recorder, and Marsha Wallace on guitar, mandolin & vocals.

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The Itinerant Band (or portions thereof) is nearly always available for concerts, festivals, private parties, weddings, or anything else you may want to pay musicians to do. For information on booking in general, please contact:
     Bob Clark
     E-mail: booking (at) itinerantband (dot) com
     Telephone: (757) 646-0353
If you have a notion that you'd like us to play for a wedding, please contact our wedding mistress:
     Marsha Wallace
     E-mail: weddings (at) itinerantband (dot) com
     Telephone: (757) 481-7736
For booking or any other purpose, our official, legal mailing address is:
     The Itinerant Band, LLC
     801 South Spigel Drive
     Virginia Beach, VA 23454
     FAX (757)481-0338

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